Footwear care

Shoe care – this has always been a topical issue, so based on our experience, we have concluded that there are several prerequisites for the shoes we sell to last more than 1 or 2 seasons. High-quality and regular care is needed for shoes to last a long time and look good. Even the best shoes quickly lose their original appearance and quality if they are not cared for and used properly. Daily use includes timely shoe care, water tightness prevention, shoe surface cleaning and paint refreshment.

Tips for caring for different types of leather shoes
Smooth leather and nabucco shoe care
Leather shoes should not be machine washed. When they are dry, they must be smeared with shoe polish. Apply a layer of colored or non-colored cream on the surface, wait 3-5 minutes and polish it with a colorless cloth. Care of leather shoes is not complicated, the main thing to do it regularly, ensuring that the shoes are always protected from moisture and various scratches, as well as retain the original color.

Patent leather shoe care
Patent leather shoes need special and gentle care. In addition to the basic care principles, patent leather shoes should be cleaned regularly with a soft, damp cotton cloth as well as a cloth to rejuvenate the shine. Never clean with a coarse brush. Special products containing glycerin, petrolatum or oil should be used to prevent cracking when exposed to extreme heat or cold.

It is recommended to store patent leather shoes in a cloth bag or wrapped in paper. Under no circumstances should patent leather shoes be stored where the temperature may be below 0, as the material may crack over time. Patent leather shoes are not recommended to wear in bad weather. Exposure to moisture and street mud creates microcracks on the surface of the shoes. The care of patent leather shoes is based on regular cleaning, simply wiping them with a soft cloth.

Suede shoe care
Simple and very effective in the care of suede shoes is to keep them slightly under steam and then clean the loose dirt with a brush. If suede shoes have already become very dirty, they should be cleaned with a soapy mixture. After such cleaning, the shoes must be treated with a water-repellent agent.

In the summer season, suede shoes get dirty much faster. Initially, the surface should be cleaned with a cloth or soft cloth. Under no circumstances should the shoe be pressed hard during sweeping. Dissolve a small amount of the powder in warm water, then rub the surface of the suede lightly, rub it with a light, slightly damp cloth, then wipe with a dry – preferably velvet, and allow the material to dry. The main thing to observe in the care of suede shoes is to keep the shoes dry. Suede shoes should not be stored in plastic packaging as moisture and mold may form.